Where do I find a Good Home Inspector?

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Here in Atlanta, Georgia the housing market is really booming right now. There are people that are from here that are relocating for various reasons and the same goes for those that are moving from different cities and states. With that being said, licensed realtors are flooding the market like never before. It seems that everyone is going after a real estate license and for rightful reasons. Some are getting into this field to simply to work with clients to help them purchase or sell homes. Some are more focused on getting access to buy homes wholesale, fix them up and put them right back on the market to sell for profit and some are selectively purchasing homes to buy, fix up and rent out. In any case some of the most important questions that you should ask yourself are, where do I find a good home inspector? What are the qualities that I should look for in a home inspector? How much should I pay for a home inspection? Should I use my realtors’ preferred home inspector?

A home inspection is a non exhaustive, visual examination of the condition of a home at the time it was inspected. So, when you get a home inspection it is important to hire someone that knows what to look for. You must remember that an inspection is for the condition of a home at the time of the inspection. For example, your home is inspected today and no leaks were reported and two weeks later it rains and now there’s water dripping from the ceiling. Guess what? The home inspector is not liable. That’s why it’s very important that you find the right home inspector. You, not your realtor! In most cases a realtor wants you to use someone that they are familiar with. Why? Because in the real estate industry home inspectors are known as deal killers and an agent don’t want to risk an unknown party killing the deal. Well that works out for the real estate agent and their “preferred home inspector”. But, what about you? Buying a home is the biggest single purchase most people will make in their lifetime.

The first thing you should do is go online and look around and pick 4 or 5 home inspectors to call. Ask about proper certification and licenses. The most important thing is to make sure they have had live and professional home inspection training. Most home inspectors will tell you that they are a member of ASHI or InterNACHI and that’s good but that won’t make a good home inspector. If you have called and spoken to a number of home inspectors and you don’t feel comfortable, then ask your realtor. Don’t let your realtor convince you to use their preferred home inspector without trying to find one on your own first.

Home inspectors may offer a warranty with their inspections, but really that’s only a gimmick to charge you more money. If you are selling your home a warranty does you no good and if you are buying a home, you should already have certain warranties. Besides, how can you warranty something that you didn’t do the work on. Your home inspector should be service oriented and knowledgeable of their craft. A standard home inspection should be between $300 – $500, depending on the square footage of the home. So, where do you find a home inspector? There are plenty of them around, so try to find one on your own before looking elsewhere. What qualities should you look for in a home inspector? Make sure your home inspector is first service oriented, because they will make sure they go above and beyond to give you the best home inspection experience possible.

McDonough Real Estate and Home Inspectors

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20 years ago McDonough was not as popular to live as it is today. But it seems that these days more people are looking to get away from all of the bright lights and city noise. Atlanta and all of it’s surrounding areas are growing at a phenomenal rate, year after year. Being originally from Atlanta it is easy to see the major changes that have taken place over the years. The real estate industry in Atlanta is booming right now. There is not even enough inventory to keep up with the demands for housing.

If you are considering moving to Atlanta or any of it’s surrounding areas. McDonough is a great place to live, especially if you have a family. The schools are great, there are plenty of places to shop and there are a variety of great options for dining. If you need to make a trip into the city, it is just under 40 miles from Atlanta which is about a 35 – 40 minute drive. In McDonough you experience the breathing of fresh air, you can see the stars much clearer at night, you can see all of the beautiful vegetation everywhere, all kinds of beautiful birds, live stock and a host of other wild life. I mean this is great wholesome country living at its finest.

In McDonough you get more bang for your buck. You can get a nice spacious home with a good amount of land. That is not the case buying a home in the city or even relatively close. For the price you would pay in McDonough, you would be lucky to get 1,200 sq ft and 1/4 of an acre versus the 2,500 sq ft and at least 1/2 of an acre you would get. The median home value in McDonough is $183,500. The value of homes have gone up 7.9% in the last year. That’s what happens when an area is in high demand ,the value of the homes go up substantially. For those of you that know anything about real estate knows that this is a great thing. Why? The buyers that purchased homes at the median $183,500 on last year reaped the reward of an extra 7.9% in equity. That is a whopping $14,600 in one year. Wow! That is a great increase in equity.

Realtors plays a major role in the flow of traffic between all of the transactions that take place during the buying or selling of a home. This process can be very tedious and stressful. When picking a realtor it is very important to find someone that is service oriented. Why? Realtors have to be licensed and affiliated with a broker. So, make sure who ever you choose for an agent is catering to you from the first conversation. By that I mean, answering and returning calls in a timely manner and being responsive to emails. A good service oriented agent should have any problem patiently answering any questions that they are asked, no matter what the question is. In today’s housing market, home owners are more self sufficient when it comes to buying or selling a home.

With home searching tools such as Zillow and Trulia, home owners can see the same listings and pricing as realtors. With these awesome tools you can pin point different areas, find pricing, and in some cases you can pretty much see the entire home through pictures or even a virtual tour. A good realtor is still very important because not only are they privy to certain information, but they have access to the homes, they help you with all of the paper work involved in the process, they help you negotiate pricing, they know the housing market, they just help make the process of buying or selling a home much, much smoother.

I know a lot of people that skipped out on the home inspection, only to find themselves forking out thousands of dollars to fix issues that a certified home inspector could have easily found. So, how do I find a home inspector to hire? This can be tricky, especially in Georgia. Simply because Georgia is one of the states that does not require a home inspector to have a license to inspect a home. A lot of home inspectors believe that just because they have worked in construction, that they don’t need any training to get into this business. Wrong! Make sure to ask your home inspector, what kind of training institute did you attend to become a home inspector?

The home inspectors that haven’t had proper training are probably going to tell you that they are certified members of International Association of Certified Home Inspectors(InterNACHI), which is the organization that I am affiliated with or American Home Inspectors Training Institute(ASHI). Internachi and Ashi are great organizations to be a member of and affiliated with because they do offer a variety of certifications and continued education. However, just being a certified member isn’t enough to be a good home inspector. Live extensive training from a real certified and skilled professional is necessary to be a good home inspector. There are schools such as Home Inspection Training Institute Today(Hit-It), which is the institute that I attended and American Home Inspectors Training Institute(AHIT) that provide live and very thorough training. Make sure the home inspector that you hire is service oriented, properly certified,and properly trained. Beside you pay a home inspector for what they know, not what they do.